The Criminal Division of the Clerk’s Office is responsible for the proper disposition of conservation offenses as established under Chapter 9A of Title12 of the Virgin Islands Code, which establishes the regulations of Commercial Fishing. The Criminal Division also is responsible for the preparation of the appropriate records and reports relating to these conservation tickets in such a manner and at such times as directed by the Court. The Clerk of the Superior Court is the repository for all conservation tickets issued to law enforcement officers and others. 

The laws regulating conservation in the Virgin Islands are established pursuant to Title 12 of the Virgin Islands Code. Pursuant to 12 V.I. Code Ann. § 99a, enforcement officers of the Department of Planning and Natural Resources may enter upon any land or waters of the Territory for the performance of their lawful duties and may take with them any necessary equipment. Such entry shall not constitute a trespass. It shall be lawful for any boat, motor vehicle or aircraft owned or chartered by the department to land and depart from any of the beaches or water of the Territory. 

Conservation Ticket
In accordance with 12 V.I. Code Ann. § 99a(b), whenever any person is apprehended for any violation of 12 V.I. Code Ann. Chapter 1, the enforcement officer may serve upon him a citation and levy a fine, which citation and fine shall be in a form similar to a traffic ticket, prescribed by the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands, and shall be known as a “Conservation Ticket”, which includes the name and address of the person cited, the offense charged and the time of its commission, the fine to be paid, and the time limit for payment. If the fine is not paid within the stated time a summons to appear in Court shall be issued, and if the violation was committed from a boat, fishing appliance, storage or processing plant, or any warehouse, building or vehicle engaged in transporting any game or wildlife product, a lien may be placed against same until the fine is paid. 

If the cited person refuses to furnish his name and address, he may be taken into custody by the apprehending officer; provided that an enforcement officer shall not serve or issue a conservation ticket for any offense or violation except when it is committed in his presence.

Conservation Ticket Payment Information
You may pay a conservation ticket in person by visiting one of the following locations:

St. Thomas/St. John
Superior Court of the Virgin Islands   
Clerk's Office - Criminal Division
Alexander A. Farrelly Justice Center
 1st Floor, East Wing, Room 111
 5400 Veteran's Drive 
 St. Thomas, VI 00802  
 (340) 774-6680 
St. Croix
Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Clerk's Office - Criminal Division
R. H. Amphlett Leader Justice Complex
1st Floor, Room 101
RR1 9000
Kingshill, VI 00850
(340) 778-9750