The Criminal Division of the Clerk’s Office is responsible for the proper disposition of all litter offenses, the preparation of the appropriate records relating to these litter tickets as directed by the Court. The Clerk of the Superior Court is the repository for all litter tickets issued to law enforcement officers and others. 

Litter Ticket
In accordance with 19 V.I. Code Ann. § 1561(e), whenever any person is apprehended for any violation of 19 V.I. V.I. Code Ann. § 1563 committed in a public place, the apprehending peace officer may serve upon him a citation and levy of fine, which citation and notice shall be in a form approved by the Superior Court and shall be known as a “Litter Ticket.” 

A litter ticket includes spaces for the name and address of the person cited, the offense charged and the time and place of its commission. Further, the ticket shall also indicate the fine to be paid and a time limit for payment. If the fine is not paid within the stated time, a summons to appear in court shall be issued and, if the violation was committed from a motor vehicle, boat or aircraft, a lien shall be placed against same until the fine is paid. 

If a person cited for littering refuses to furnish his or her name and address, he or she may be taken in to custody.

Previous Litter Offenses
It is important to note that in accordance with 19 V.I. Code Ann. § 1561(g) no person who has been found guilty or who has signed a plea of guilty to three (3) previous litter offenses in the current calendar year shall be permitted to appear before the violations clerk unless the Court shall, by general order applying to certain specified offenses, permit such appearance, conditioned upon the payment of a substantially increased fine, which increase shall be specified in such general order.